Monday, 16 December 2013

Our Awesome 2013 Year.....

2013 is coming to a close. The Awesome 1's are packing up and getting ready for Santa. For our Year 6 students, well, this is their last year at Carlton School. Next year they move onto Intermediate (Middle School) for two years then onto High School for five years.

We have had an extraordinary year and I must thank all the Awesome 1's for their commitment  and hard work. Good luck and have a Merry Christmas.


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Meet the Awesome 1's

After a hard year of learning, working, performing and competing, the Awesome 1's are ready for that well deserved chrissy break. You've probably wondered who these 'Awesome 1's are? You've read about their exploits over the course of 2013 and how busy they are, but now its time to meet..The Awesome 1's aka Room 1, 2013.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Inter-school Athletics

Carlton School competed against 15 other primary schools in the recent Wanganui Contributing Schools Athletics Championships. They were held at Cooks Gardens in Wanganui. Of course the team included some of the Awesome 1's. They were Shiloh, Tyrone, Wiremu, Byron, Sophia and Rebecca. Tyrone did really well picking up a 2nd in the Senior Boys 300m Final and 3rd in the Senior Boys Relay.

The squad did well picking placings in 7 finals. They were:
Mikail - 1st 300m, 2nd 80m, 3rd Senior Boys Relay
Tyrone - 2nd 300m, 3rd Senior Boys Relay
Zhyon - 2nd Javelin
Eugene -2nd Long Jump
Byron -3rd Discus

We had many 4th placings which were soooooo close to a podium finish. The squad were awesome and competed with a great spirit and attitude. Well done Carlton!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Awesome 1s Assembly Item

The Awesome 1's finally did it! They presented their assembly item to Carlton School. They had practiced hard, but were still very nervous on the day. The students of Room 1 had read Chapter 1 of the novel GONE. The lead reading group then re-wrote chapter 1 as a play (quite a challenge!), but they did it.

 The presentation was broken into three sections:

SONG - Adiemus
VIDEO - GONE -The nuclear explosion
PLAY - GONE - The classroom

The Awesome 1's were just that - AWESOME! They performed well and should be proud of themselves.

Seniors and Social Dancing...

The Awesome 1's and the rest of Carlton's Year 5 and 6 students have been given the opportunity to learn how to dance. Not just any dance but classic dancing, the way our grandparents and parents did.

The seniors have 8 lessons in total and are currently up to Lesson 6. They have really enjoyed their time so far and picked up the moves rather quickly. They have learned:

  • Cha Cha
  • Waltz
  • Country style
  • Gay Gordon
  • Disco Jive

What a great way to sign off 2013 and what a great skill to have  -Look out New Zealand's Got Talent, we have a new bunch of twinkle toes heading your way!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Globetrotting with the Awesome 1's....(

One this weeks (week 9) task for the Student Blogging Challenge was to identify places one would like to visit. The Awesome 1's went about brainstorming their idas and gave reasons why. Room 1 is beginning to understand just how big and great our world is and how isolated we as a country are - I mean to say, New Zealand is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean just above Antarctica (or near the bottom of the world).

Enjoy our Photopeach presentation as we globe trot around the world.


The Awesome 1's places and why...

Brazil - Wiremu and Caleb WA (See the statue of Jesus and enjoy carnival)
Antarctica - Natalie (See the wildlife and ice)
Hawaii - Ashan and Chloe (enjoy the warm weather and beaches)
Florida USA - Caleb E (See the waterparks and Nasa)
New York USA - Ilish, Sarah and Katrina (Visit the sights plus the Statue of Liberty)
Route 66 USA - Mr Sager and Dylan (Cruise the great route and enjoy the odd sights)
Edinburgh (Scotland) - Rebecca and Ryan (Visit the castles and family)
London, England - Sophia, Shiloh and Cindy (Visit Big Ben, the Tower and of course, meet 1D)
Leicester, England - Nadine (Visit family and her mum's birthplace)
Paris, France - Rose and Mikayla (View the great art and sample the cuisine)
Spain - Shadae and Josh L (Enjoy the language and art)
Berlin, Germany - Riley (Study it's history)
Egypt - Tyrone (See the great pyramids)
North Pole - Tobias (Visit Santa)
China - Richard (Walk the Great Wall of China)
Hong Kong - Ariana (Go shopping!)
Tokyo, Japan - Josh O and Corey (Enjoy the sights, food and culture)

Wanganui - We all love home!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Senior Camp...

The Awesome 1's,  along with Rooms 2 and 3 went to Raukawa Adventure Camp for 3 days this month. They were well prepared for stepping outside their comfort zone and trying activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, archery, low rope confidence course, the flying kiwi and the hillside water slide.

The food was fantastic and the students were always feeling full from all the fruit and home baking between meals. All the Year 5 and 6 students who attended had a great time and felt they had achieved a lot by the end of the camp. Well done Carlton senior students on performing well and having a good time.

Enjoy some great shots of our awesome camp....

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sport at Carlton

Wow! What a busy year 2013 has been for sport at Carlton School. We have had teams in the following codes:
-Basketball, Softball, Teeball, Athletics, Cross-Country, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Rippa Rugby, Netball, Volleyball, Tough Kid Challenge, Cricket, Swimming and Equestrian. 22 of the Awesome 1's competed in the varying codes this year and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We have also seen 13 of our Carlton students achieve Wanganui age group representation (State representative if in the USA).

Here is a snapshot of some of the sports played this year with our amazing athletes - who knows, maybe we have some future New Zealand and World champions at our great school - here's hoping!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 7 -Connections

The Awesome 1's have sat down and given Week 7's challenge a lot of thought. How are we connected? How is our teacher connected? Are we connected Mafia style? NOOOO - not really!  Well, we don't think so. We have come to the conclusion that technology plays a big part in how we are and came to being connected. The Awesome 1's have decided to create a PhotoPeach presentation showing 'Connections' over time. Please enjoy as we feel pictures say a lot!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hockey and Badminton with the Awesome 1's

The Awesome 1's have arrived back at Carlton School for Term 4 to a sport training feasT - badminton. hockey and athletics plus their own respective summer code practices (teeball, softball, volleyball, netball, hockey and cricket). Wow, you guys are really busy!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Spring Flood...

The Awesome 1's have been watching via the TV, newspaper ( or have gone down to personally view the flood that has hit our city.

The Wanganui River has risen to 9 metres and swallowed many of the streets that run parallel to it. Mr Sager's street is closed off as the river now meets the end of it. The flooding has been caused by a very bad storm that passed over New Zealand and provided heavy rain for a good 18 hours.

Our main playground and park (Kowhai Park) is now under water. The army and Civil Defence had to evacuate people from their homes in Wanganui East and were also up all night sandbagging the banks of the river - Exciting, yet scary times in our city.

Here are some images and news clip of our wee disaster.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 4 - Global Issues

The Awesome 1's are back from their very relaxing holidays. We have looked at the blogging challenge for Week 4 and discussed issues that confront the world and New Zealand. This is our brief visual presentation of what we think the key global issues are in the world. We used Photo Peach to present our thinking. Enjoy!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Chapter 1 of the novel GONE is performed by the Awesome 1's...

The Awesome 1's had their school assembly performance just recently. Their items were the song 'Adiemus' by Karl Jenkins and Chapter One of the teen novel GONE by Michael Grant. Room 1 have read the first book in the series in class. The Raptors reading group were given the task of rewriting chapter one of the novel as a play. They took on the challenge, working independently first, then sharing their scripts and creating a final version - great team work! The Raptors reading group then assigned roles and started practicing the play. Meanwhile, the Vipers, Raiders and Vikings reading groups set about filming the nuclear power station disaster which is set halfway through the novel.

The play and film were a big hit and the school enjoyed watching the talented students. They have done a great job and should be proud of themselves. The class have also read the other books in the series of their own steam, written emails to the author and searched for any possibility of a TV series or upcoming movie. Here are the final products - enjoy!

Oh, and there is a rumor that Chapters 2 and 3 may hit the Carlton School stage very soon or the epic battle between Sam and Caine...keep reading bloggers!

The video of the nuclear power station disaster....

Chapter 1....

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Student Blogging Challenge -Week 1 - Introductions

The Awesome 1's have decided to enter the Student Blogging Challenge 2013 (September) as a class and as individuals bloggers. This is our first effort using blabberize to introduce ourselves. Shiloh and Corey spoke and used Mr. Sager's wonderfully handsome face to introduce the class. We hope you enjoy it and please feel free to read our our page and comment.

Awesome 1's perform well at the school cross country

The sky darkened and the winds picked up as the participants for the 2013 Carlton School Cross Country gathered behind their house flags. Anticipation and nervousness (with a touch of confidence) were the thoughts and feelings of the day.

This was the first time the cross-country had been held at the school and the three age-related courses provided challenges for all involved. The 5 and 6 year old races started and provided excitement and close racing. The entire school and huge parent gallery enjoyed watching all age races. 

The senior races were fantastic and had close battles for the lead. The 10+ age group race saw Awesome 1's Shiloh winning the girls event while Tyrone took out the boys event. All the Awesome 1's performed well and had a great time (even if we did run a little over 3pm!)

Monday, 26 August 2013

Shake, Rattle and Roll...

The Awesome 1's are well accustomed to 'Mother Earths' little tantrums e.g.earthquakes and volcanic eruptions - well, we thought so! At 2:30 pm on Friday, 16th August, Room 1 were out on Carlton School 's International Football Field playing kickball. All of a sudden (after Nikita's amazing catch) the ground started rolling and did so for a good 40 seconds. Sophia 'Harry' Rogers screamed out "Its an earthquake!" and clung with dear life to a soccer post. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Sager was calming the Awesome 1's and asking them to remain still. The sensation was like standing on a waterbed and feeling the mattress roll continuously. Once the quake had settled, a majority of the Awesome 1's were suffering from a bad case of motion sickness. They quietly lined up and headed towards the evacuation point where the rest of the school were now gathering.

Mr Peterson checked the class rolls and that everyone was ok. We were given the all clear once the buildings and gas had been checked. It was quite an ordeal and we were very lucky that the Australian and Pacific plates rubbed together and no subduction had occurred (according to the news).

The earthquake measured 6.6 on the Richter scale and was situated 8km down. It was centred off the northern part of the east coast of the South Island (that's a mouthful!). There were 200+ aftershocks. It was most definitely a scary, yet exciting way to finish our week!

The Awesome 1's earthquake safety guide:

What would you do?

Triple one equals fun!

The Awesome 1's always look forward to 12 pm on a Friday. Why? Because they get to hang with their junior buddies from Room 11. During this time The Awesome 1's teach their Year 1 buddies how to use apps on the Chromebooks, draw using art programs, read to them and plant veges in the combined garden.

The past two weeks have seen the triple ones working on their spring and summer planting in the garden plots and relaxing in the library enjoying the wonderful variety of text neatly stacked on the shelves.

A great time is had by all and the seniors really enjoy teaching and looking after their junior buddies. Bring on the next 'Triple 1 Fun Day!'

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A giraffe on the loose at Carlton...

A giraffe on the loose at Carlton? What craziness is this you ask? Well intrepid blog readers it just happens to be true, but just not the wild, found in the African plains type. This giraffe is fluffy, educated and visits schools and teaches students about life. Oh, and his name is Harold.

The Awesome 1's were very lucky enough to visit Harold in the mobile classroom and learn about the qualities of friendship, bullying and the harmful effects from smoking. They were involved in class discussion, games and group activities. These topics are part of their Term 3 Inquiry unit.

The Awesome 1's were already well versed in the topics covered and provided some incredibly intelligent comments and replies. They watched video clips about the 'Do and Don'ts' of  friendship and then sung along with Harold about what they had covered.

The unit was fantastic and has only made Room 1 better people from the learning experience. Thank you Harold and Chris the presenter for a wonderful time.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The probability of math being lost in time...

The Awesome 1's have been learning about probability this term as their minor focus while fractions is their major focus. In probability, the students have learned about the meaning of terms such as certain, likely, even, unlikely and impossible. We looked at events that relate to these terms and linked them appropriately.

So what about time travel? "Impossible" the Awesome 1's reply.
We then discussed what IMPOSSIBLE actually meant using the dictionary. The ever challenging teacher then asked "are cell phones impossible?"
The students looked at him like he was mad. "Of course not" they replied.
The teacher then posed the question"what about 100 years ago? What would the people of 1913 have thought of a phone that fits in a pocket and can take photos?"
"Hmmmmm, never thought of it like that" replied the Awesome 1's.

The teacher then explained that nothing is impossible, we as a species just haven't figured out how to do it yet. Then to prove that time travel could be POSSIBLE, the teacher presented a YouTube clip of a woman on a cell phone back in 1928. Have a look at the clip below....

Is time travel real? The Awesome 1's seem to think so, but we'll leave it up to you to decide. One thing is for CERTAIN, our maths lesson was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Monochromatic magic....

Sketching and painting in black, white and grey has been the art focus for the Awesome 1's. They studied the artwork of Darcy Nicholas then looked at how Tammy Morin approached the artist's work. We really liked the limited range of colours and how they had to, and could be blended.

The students of Room one studied black and white images of themselves and took note of the varying shades of grey, white and black. After a brief sketch, they set about mixing and blending the three colours. Once completed and dry, the students cut the painting out and glued it to a black A3 sheet. Finally, they were asked to identify values that represent themselves and write them in white pastel.

The final results are simply amazing and really promotes the great artistic skills the Awesome 1's do possess. Well done and what a fun time we all had.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dance Showcase : What a night!

Carlton School hit the big time last night performing to 350+ parents plus their own 280 peers. The hall was full and people were watching through the big hall windows outside and the back entrance doorway. Each class performed incredibly well and too a professional and high standard.

Of course someone has to go first or be the opening act so to speak. Who was it to be? Well, the Awesome 1's drew that straw and accepted the challenge (they had no choice really!). Room 1 arrived at 6-10pm and started preparing themselves with make-up and costumes. They looked around and nervously gulped as the hall filled to capacity with an excited and eager audience.

Suddenly there was a hush as Mr Waite (MC) welcomed parents and friends to the Dance Showcase. Then the moment arrived, the Awesome 1's were introduced and a nervous group of dance students walked up on to the dance floor and took their positions ready to strut their World War 2 musical and dance time memories. The audience went quiet when suddenly Awesome 1 Corey booms out "Hit it Daddy-O!"

The rest is history as the Awesome 1's stepped, twirled, swung and marched their way through their set. They had opened the night and had set the standard to what would be a magnificent night.

Well done Room 1 on a great performance and a lot of hard work put in over the past three weeks for this event. You were outstanding!

Dressed up and waiting

Shiloh and Rose posing

Ari, Horsey, Harry and Astrid looking somewhat nervous.

Oh no! 1 minute to performance.

Video performance - Opening act!

Crazy Awesome 1 girls...

We have a very talented and hard working group of students in Room 1. But what do they actually get up to after a hard week of learning at Carlton Primary School? Well, here are some images sent to us by the Paparazzi. Three of our Awesome Year 6 girls were caught practicing putting make-up on for the Dance production in Week 10. We think they might need a little bit more practice and help....

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dancing up a storm.......

The Awesome 1's are currently busy piecing together their dance number for the Carlton School Dance Extravaganza this coming Tuesday night. They have practiced when possible (Literacy and Numeracy is always first!) under the watchful eye of their teacher and the incredibly helpful and resourceful parent Mrs Burns. Their theme / focus is the roaring 20's and war time (WWII) New Zealand. Hopefully they will pull it off on the night :)

Good Luck Awesome 1's!.....

Oh and there would be photos but the class want to keep it a secret :)

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday was wheelie good!

This Friday gone was another designated 'Spirit Day' and the theme was Wheels and aptly named 'Carlton in Motion.' Students were invited to bring their bike, scooter, skates, skateboard or any item that had wheels to school. Courses were set up around the school for the wheeled items to be ridden. They school also had the swing riders, huffy sliders and go-carts out to play on. They students had the entire afternoon to 'wheel' away to their hearts content. Many of the Awesome 1's brought their scooters, bikes and heelie shoes.

Bike fun on the soccer field track
The scooter track
There were also special vehicles on display throughout the day for the students to view, sit and ride on. These included a New Zealand Army troop transport truck, a 1944 tractor, a classic stockcar, a motorcross and track bike and finally a Kenworth transport rig. Wow, what great vehicles for the Carlton and Awesome 1's students to explore!

Enjoying the tractor

Awesome 1's lining up for the classic stockcar

Cindy and Ryan on the Kenworth truck

Tyrone the speed racer

Caleb dirt biking it!

Mikayla giving the bike a go

Natalie wasn't sure

Chloe revving it up

Caleb WA very at home on the dirt bike

Katrina looking the part

The Awesome 1's lining for a seat in the army truck

Getting into the army truck
What a great day and everyone had so much fun playing, looking and learning. We can't wait for the next spirit day and the possible return of 'Wheels Day 2.'