Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Room 1's Term 1 Art

Room 1 has been busy with their art during the first 5 weeks of Term one. They have created computer generated images of themselves using mirrors to focus on the finer features. This project was aptly named 'Digital Me'.

They have also created swim safe posters which reflect safe practises when near the beach, rivers, swimming pools or water around the home environment. The class have also been learning to explore line and shape in art. Their task was to observe and draw the senior classroom block or an aspect of it focusing only on the straight lines of the block. Some great relaxed sketches resulted.

Probably their flagship piece of artwork this term has been Room 1's observation and recreation of New Zealand artist Des Robertshaw's paintings. The class were asked to observe one specific image and take note of the lines, shape and blend of colour(s). The end result was simply amazing with beautiful pieces of work being completed and presented for all to see.

However, I am a tad bias of my class and their great work so why don't you be the judge!

Sketching the classrooms focusing on straight lines
Room 1 observing and sketching the classrooms focusing on straight lines

Monday, 25 February 2013

Welcome to Room 1

Introducing quite possibly the most amazing and dynamic group of students the world has ever known. They are Carlton Primary School's Room 1. These students are a handsome, intelligent and incredibly brave group of Year 5 and 6's. They even brush their teeth on a daily basis! It's 2013 and the Awesome 1's are ready for the rigorous challenges of New Zealand's education curriculum. Are they up to it? You better believe it!

Follow us as we weave through an adventurous path of learning and blogging - don't be afraid to say g'day, kia ora, bonjour or hola.

For now, its ka kite ano and 'Hit the books mode'

Blog ya later!