Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Challenge with Number 10 - The Awesome multi-holed sock...

The Awesome multi-holed sock...

Once upon a time in the land of feet
lived a pair of socks who thought they were neat
They slipped into shoes with comfort and ease
keeping the feet warm and eager to please

Then came the day, the day the socks both dread
Into the wash "Don't get lost" they both said
A wish and a wash and they were thrown about
but when the wash was over - only one came out!

It was Lefty and he was all alone
where was his mate, not on the phone
Yet the worst was to come which would hurt Lefty's sole
all over his body was not one, but many a hole

Lefty's owner came in to check
and found the multi holed sock laying on the deck
"What has happened to my sock?"
"It has more holes than a Swiss cheese block!"

He looked at Lefty and pondered a thought
"they were a new pair of socks I had just bought"
The owner picked Lefty up off the floor
and thought what he should do as he walked out the door

Idea 1
A magnificent sock puppet is what he could be
with wool for hair and buttons to see
Perform he would to the town folk
sing and dance and maybe a joke

Idea 2
A strainer of sorts for veges and tea
as the holes are too small to let through a pea
Easy to clean, dry and store
the sock strainer is ideal for that cooking chore

Idea 3
A bundle of fun for the cat to enjoy
that's what Lefty can be, Fluffy's toy!
Full of stuffing and tied at the end
hours of fun for Fluffy and friend

Idea 4
Barbie and Ken are looking great this year
with the latest from Mattel, Nike and used sock gear
Clothing for dolls is a practical approach
especially when Ken needs a jacket to coach

 Idea 5
A home for worms is just the ticket
buried in ground by the fence with one missing picket
What comfort for our long slimy friends
hiding in the dirt away from the hens

 Idea 6
An eight legged octopus lives deep in the sea
the choppy water makes him cold as can be
What better way to make him hot
by turning our multi-holed sock into a woollen top

 Idea 7
While skiing in the snowy alps
all I can hear are frozen yelps
Faces are iced up and very cold
well simply cover your face with the holey sock of old

 Idea 8
Wooden floors are nice and make a great feature
but are prone to attack from the horrid scratch creature
Who saves the day and keeps the floors neat
only holey sock man who covers the table feet

Idea 9
Little miss was hungry, her belly was hollow
what should she do? what steps should she follow?
The trusty old sock turned into a net
into the river she waded, a fish she would get!

Idea 10
Mum tried to cook dinner, it was near five o'clock
she had lost the tea towel so grabbed the old sock
the sock it was thick and protected her hand

So these were the options the owner did ponder
as he sat on a park bench and stared into the yonder
His nose did tickle in the cold morning breeze
but Lefty was there to stifle the sneeze

He'd once been a sock on his owners left foot
but now as a hanky, new adventures were afoot!

The End...for now


  1. Ha Ha I like the sock puppet image!

  2. Cellphone holders? I used to use socks as purses when travelling- safety pin them inside my pockets- some people used to dry their wet socks by putting them under their arm holes inside their shirts- sounded not very nice to me- armpit smell on socks??? no thanks!

  3. Also, I have seen people use old socks to make an advent calendar before Christmas- each day has a little treat in it! Make sure they are clean before you use them- who wants a surprise of toe fluff!?

  4. Hi Awesome 1's,
    Those were really funny sock pictures! We liked how you made your story into a poem. It was really creative. We are learning about poetry now, so we know that was hard to do. Feel free to visit our class blog
    Some of us have individual blogs attached to our class blog.
    We live in western New York by Niagara Falls.
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Mrs Tharp and your wonderful class,
    Thank you for your kind comments. We really enjoyed brainstorming ideas and writing the poem. We will definately go and look at your class blogspot and hopefully we can communicate from our little corners of the world. I know my students would really enjoy chatting to your students and ask them questions about Niagara Falls and New York. We live in Wanganui which is on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.
    Have a great day and hopefully hear from you again.

  6. I really like all the images Mr Sager. They are really funny.