Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Room 1 are GONE!

Room 1 are GONE? What do you mean by that? Have they disappeared? Did they run out of the class? Were they student-napped?

Nooooo, they have simply hooked into the amazing novel by Michael Grant titled 'Gone'. It is the first book in a series of five about the adventures of a group of teenagers after everyone 15 years of age and over suddenly disappear. The surviving children (0-14 years) have to now fend for themselves. Fend against what you ask? Hmmmm, well, zombies, giant worms and seagulls with talons. These are just a few of the  problems the main characters have to endure.

The four books after Gone are titled Hunger, Lies, Plague and Fear. Some of our great readers are already starting Hunger.

But who are we to give away the plot. Grab the book at your local  library or bookshop before all reamining copies are...GONE!

Oh by the way, if you didn't know already, Room 1 are readers for life!

The Room 1 Gone Kids..

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  1. Poof... I cant belive we are nearly on hunger and I think it would be awesome to finish hunger by term 4 or carry on reading it next year.