Thursday, 18 April 2013

Challenge 6 - Digital Footprints

Activity relating to 10

The Awesome ones are a digital class and each student has a computer on their desk. A lot of their learning and curriculum tasks are done on their computers. The Awesome 1's understand the importance and usefulness of educational games and apps and often use them in their everyday learning. Their mission was to research sites and / or apps that they use or have found useful in their educational development and explain why.

Zoe - I like Fun brain because it is fun and you can improve in your reading, maths and other and you can also play any cool and fun game.
Caleb WA - The first website I found was Fun brain. It is educational because it has books you can read, maths challenges that make you think and a other cool educational activities.    

Ashan - I think this is is a good site because you can learn how to improve your reading and writing skills. Simple sentences and Word scramble 2 are fun games on this site.

Katrina - I think Poptropica is Fun and educational. You can learn new things on each Island, and you will get a medal for each task you complete. The Islands Time Tangled and Mythology are good for learning about history while Astro Nights and Shrink Ray Islands will be a fun challenge and will teach you about Co-ordinates near the end. This website is ideal for 6-15 year old students so it will be great for your class. 

Hayleigh - This game is good for school because it has three subjects; science, math and english. You just pick the subject you like or want to learn about at the top of the page and it takes you there. On the subject science it allows you to do experiments, play games, read about facts, do some quizzes, make projects, learn lessons, view images, watch videos and last but not least, topics. Now that is just science so imagine how much things you can do on there!
Thanks for reading.

Natalie - This is my recomended site for this year. This game is fun and educational because there are skills for every age and it times you so you can see exactly how quick you were at the set level. You learn really quick because if you get it wrong it will give you a demonstration of how to work the problem out next time. It is really cool and you can pick which math area you want to work on.

Sophia Styles - It is educational. It has games to count money, and give change. That would help with your maths. It has history and geography games. There is a game called how to tell the time. That would help some people in this class. It has a building game to help you measure. Oh and it is free! Give it a go!

Wiremu - I enjoy this website because it sets my mind to a test and it is a challenge for me because I have to figure out how to get the cube in the hole.

Corey - I like this site because it is basically an online book! On this site you can read most of the books you want. You can join for free so, start reading now.

Awesome 1's - We use this site everyday as part of our math program. Khan Academy is great for practicing not only your math skills but science, humanities, economics and computer science. It is very user friendly and tracks your learning. Highly recommended!

Awesome 1's - Another great site we use for learning on a daily basis is Spelling City. It helps us in many areas of Literacy such as spelling, writing and vocabulary. We enjoy this site in Room 1.

So there you have it. The Awesome 1's have introduced you, the blog reader, to many new and very cool educational sites. Have a look and a play when you have some spare time and remember......Learning is fun!

The Awesome 1's


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Student Blogging Challenge No 5 - Secrets...

The Awesome 1's have been thinking and discussing ideas as to what the SECRET is that lies within the deep, dark, cold forest. Possible ideas were:
-A girl had been trapped in the forest
-A girl walked into the forest and was turned into a tree
-The forest is never ending......
-A little girl was playing tag in the forest and fell into a hole, never to be found and turned into a tree
-The forest has a trapped prehistoric civilisation
-Wizards live in the forest and curse you if you wander in to deep

Here is Katrina's written idea...

                                                         *A secret hides in this forest*

        There is this forest down the road from my dad's farm. As you walk in, you can clearly see a sign:

                                  There are certain things that concern me about this forest.
One concern is the creepy image of the girl on the tree on the right hand side tree. There is no explanation as to why that is there. Scary rumours have been going around about the secret being a hidden warp door that will trap you in the tree if you're the unlucky victim to walk through it. After hearing that, I vowed to never go in that forest. But the rumour claims to be false, however there still is a secret lurking within...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Another concern is the fact that on the map of our town, the area of the forest is only small, like about 15 acres, but for real, its around 50 acres when one walks through it - why? I don't really think that the council or the map company made a misprint with that, especially since the mayor is a wierdo and the map company owner, a freak with horrible red hair.

Another thing I am unsure about is that this forest is over 10,000 years old, and once, a man went out cutting trees late at night and never came back. One boy at school said that a man came along with a knife and sliced his head off. I'm absolutely sure that's not true, but I hope that if it is, he dose not decide to come along and Decapitate my family!!!

I personally think that the secret is the moss girl on the tree. If you still cant see her, you're lucky, because she is freaking me out! What do you think the secret could be?

By Katrina, 
Awesome 1's

Here is a great story from Natalie...

What secrets really exist in the forest? Do you dare walk in? Did you see the image of the girl on the right hand side tree? The Awesome 1's did.....