Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Awesome 1's measure up to the task!

Room 1's math strand focus for the first three weeks of term two has been measurement. They have been learning the different measurement units for length, capacity and mass. They have also been learning how to convert smaller units into larger and vice-versa e.g. mm to cm or Kg to g.

They were given a task of estimating the width of our front playing court using the yellow lines as boundary points. First they estimated using their feet and reported back, discovering that estimates varied because foot sizes differed. They then estimated the width in metres and went about measuring using metre length rulers. Most of the groups were relatively close to the actual measurement.

The Awesome 1's learned that measuring in a straight line can be difficult as many strayed off on an angle or moved the ruler the odd cm when flipping over. They also discovered that when you use all the rulers and a place them on a painted line, the measurement is more accurate.

Who knows, maybe this math exercise has inspired some of the students to become builders or surveyors. 

Team work!

Measuring using a metre ruler

Measuring using their feet as a measurement tool

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Challenge 10 - Evaluation

The Awesome 1's decided to finish the challenge by completing and submitting survey. It was a great way to express our thoughts and give thanks. We have had fun and enjoyed participating in Challenges 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. We looked at others and discussed those topics as a class. The Awesome 1's enjoyed sharing and creating ideas. Their favourite was Challenge 5 -Secrets and coming up with their own take on what the secret of the forest might be.

Most of our ideas were set by the challenges on the site. We received a lot of feedback for challenge 3 -'Getting Creative' and our poem about the sock with holes. I think this was popular due to the fact that we gave it a lot of thought and tried to make it funny.

The Awesome 1's also enjoyed looking at other blogs and getting new ideas. We look forward to September and the new challenges.


The Return of the Digital Footprints....

Not so long ago student blogger challenge looked at 'Digital Footprints' and in particular, what can strangers learn about you online? Well the Awesome 1's discovered first hand what someone can discover when the Lead Teacher for E-Learning loaded new software that can SEE ALL!!!

She discovered how silly they were with their emails and that they had forgotten the rules regarding usage. Students were also introduced to screen pop-ups where the administrator will inform you as to whether or not they're on an approved site.

It made the Awesome 1's really review their own practices and realise that anyone can be tracked. The video 'Digital Dossier' was real food for thought.

Needless to say, a more mature approach to using our e-learning tools has been adopted. Having said this, here is the video from student blogger challenge for all to view again...and it does make you think.


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Challenge 9 - Game Week

What a great and educational challenge. Playing 'Count out Three' was fun and allowed us to view other bloggers amazing and innovative work. Here are three blogs we visited:

Visit 1

We decided to look at a country unknown to us - The Ukraine. Kristina has created a lot of great work and fun posts to view. We left a comment on Challenge 3 - ways to use an old sock as the Animoto video was fun to watch and very creative. We did this as we were quite creative ourselves with this challenge.

Visit 2

Sloane from Trinidad was an interesting and once viewed an obvious choice as she was a big 1D fan like all most (if not all) the Room 1 girls. She was typical in that many of the choices are teenage heartthrobs. But we liked the fact that she had nice little comments or reasons why. Also the continued new countries (Trinidad) for us. We didn't do this challenge but have discussed people we like. We also chose to look at it because we wanted to see what others had listed - funny how we are so similar yet different.

Visit 3

Autumn wrote a great story for Challenge 5 - Secrets. We have seen so many and liked all the creative thinking. We liked how she used the TV show 'Once upon a time' as her supporting theme. Autumn has a lovely (yet small) blog page but sounds interesting. Room 1 students worked hard on this challenge and came up with some great ideas / stories themselves.

There are so many great blog pages out there (the world) and it has given our class ideas on how to modify and improve our own. Thank you to all the great young (and some old!!) bloggers.

Awesome 1's

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Challenge 8 - Favourites

Life is a myriad and of this I have many fave things that make me tick. To simply identify one would be virtually impossible. As for ten? Well, there are many but here are ten that add substance and meaning to my life, the teacher of the Awesome 1's.....

1. Family - family are what we leave home from and come home to. We all lead differing paths yet unite at the conclusion of a day, week or season. We are connected through blood and understand one another - this is special. Gatherings are kin who are widespread yet find time to spend one moment in time every so many years.  This is gold.  It brings smiles to both old and young as we regale past events and laugh, cry and smile. Family is unique and should be cherished. Don't ignore it for anything else on this planet be it work commitments, friends or that 'oh, I have something else to do..'

2.  San Francisco 49ers - There is nothing better than NFL Draft day, season opening day and following the games on any given Sunday (excuse the movie plug!). This team is special to me due to my 3 times visit and stays to the Golden Gates city. Candlestick is by far the best stadium as it oozes character and charm. I will miss it as it comes down at the end of the 2013/14 season. The team are exciting and at times frustrating to watch! But they keep me going when times are tough. Look them up and follow them always!

3. Need I say more - 38 years of playing the game of champions.

4. 80's Music - The best music era ever. People were happy, positive and dressed exceedingly well. You couldn't help but smile and groove away to the awesome ditties of the 80's.

5. Chocolate milkshakes - I have tasted chocolate milk and thick shakes all around the world.  Some are good, some are not.  There is nothing better than an icy cold chocolate shake on a hot summers day. 

6.  Daphne - is a plant that brings back memories of early childhood and spring time.  Pretty flowers, cut lawns, my Grandparents house and good times.  Every time I smell this plant it brings a smile to my face as I drift off down memory lane.  As long as this plant is around so will my living memories of past happy times, flood back to greet me.

7.   Ghosthunters - Boo!  I love watching this show and the adventures that the ghost hunters get up to each week.  It involves investigators scoping out homes and premises, in search of paranormal activities.  Some of it is convincing, some not, as they debunk some theories.  Either way it's entertaining and if you have any belief that there is something out there then this programme will keep you guessing. 

8.  USA - chapels in Las Vegas, oddities on Route 66, cable cars, hotdogs, Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland and the Hollywood sign.  People galore.  Great tunes.  Hype, hype, hype.  Levis and coke.  Bubblegum and baseball.  Candy and popcorn.  A dream to live there - a reality to visit.

9.  Saturday night flicks.  Lazy Sunday movies.  Triple features.  I love films, it's as simple as that.  The great escape, even if it is only for two hours as you are entertained on the big screen.  My favourite film, is hard to determine.  Some of the many that I have enjoyed: Shawshank Redemption; Blackhawk down; Sideways; Zero Dark 30; all the Star Trek films; The Croods and I am Legend. Movie trailers and that anticipation of good things to come.

10.  Christmas - the one seasonal holiday I truly love. Roasted chestnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, hot chocolate, crackers, decorating the tree, carols, stockings on the fireplace, children up at 5am really excited, snow (when in Calgary!) and wonderful festive food....oh and of course, the presents!

Animated winter snow scene with cabin in snow and fresh snow gently falling

These are 10 special things to me. But there are so many more and that's why life is so grand - we have so many favourite things to pick from and guide us along the way.