Saturday, 18 May 2013

Challenge 9 - Game Week

What a great and educational challenge. Playing 'Count out Three' was fun and allowed us to view other bloggers amazing and innovative work. Here are three blogs we visited:

Visit 1

We decided to look at a country unknown to us - The Ukraine. Kristina has created a lot of great work and fun posts to view. We left a comment on Challenge 3 - ways to use an old sock as the Animoto video was fun to watch and very creative. We did this as we were quite creative ourselves with this challenge.

Visit 2

Sloane from Trinidad was an interesting and once viewed an obvious choice as she was a big 1D fan like all most (if not all) the Room 1 girls. She was typical in that many of the choices are teenage heartthrobs. But we liked the fact that she had nice little comments or reasons why. Also the continued new countries (Trinidad) for us. We didn't do this challenge but have discussed people we like. We also chose to look at it because we wanted to see what others had listed - funny how we are so similar yet different.

Visit 3

Autumn wrote a great story for Challenge 5 - Secrets. We have seen so many and liked all the creative thinking. We liked how she used the TV show 'Once upon a time' as her supporting theme. Autumn has a lovely (yet small) blog page but sounds interesting. Room 1 students worked hard on this challenge and came up with some great ideas / stories themselves.

There are so many great blog pages out there (the world) and it has given our class ideas on how to modify and improve our own. Thank you to all the great young (and some old!!) bloggers.

Awesome 1's

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