Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Awesome 1's measure up to the task!

Room 1's math strand focus for the first three weeks of term two has been measurement. They have been learning the different measurement units for length, capacity and mass. They have also been learning how to convert smaller units into larger and vice-versa e.g. mm to cm or Kg to g.

They were given a task of estimating the width of our front playing court using the yellow lines as boundary points. First they estimated using their feet and reported back, discovering that estimates varied because foot sizes differed. They then estimated the width in metres and went about measuring using metre length rulers. Most of the groups were relatively close to the actual measurement.

The Awesome 1's learned that measuring in a straight line can be difficult as many strayed off on an angle or moved the ruler the odd cm when flipping over. They also discovered that when you use all the rulers and a place them on a painted line, the measurement is more accurate.

Who knows, maybe this math exercise has inspired some of the students to become builders or surveyors. 

Team work!

Measuring using a metre ruler

Measuring using their feet as a measurement tool

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  1. measurement is important in a lot of fields- if you will pardon the pun!