Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Return of the Digital Footprints....

Not so long ago student blogger challenge looked at 'Digital Footprints' and in particular, what can strangers learn about you online? Well the Awesome 1's discovered first hand what someone can discover when the Lead Teacher for E-Learning loaded new software that can SEE ALL!!!

She discovered how silly they were with their emails and that they had forgotten the rules regarding usage. Students were also introduced to screen pop-ups where the administrator will inform you as to whether or not they're on an approved site.

It made the Awesome 1's really review their own practices and realise that anyone can be tracked. The video 'Digital Dossier' was real food for thought.

Needless to say, a more mature approach to using our e-learning tools has been adopted. Having said this, here is the video from student blogger challenge for all to view again...and it does make you think.


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  1. makes one think...and then records that! Rose would not have many digital photos before 2009- when her mother acquired a digital camera!