Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday was wheelie good!

This Friday gone was another designated 'Spirit Day' and the theme was Wheels and aptly named 'Carlton in Motion.' Students were invited to bring their bike, scooter, skates, skateboard or any item that had wheels to school. Courses were set up around the school for the wheeled items to be ridden. They school also had the swing riders, huffy sliders and go-carts out to play on. They students had the entire afternoon to 'wheel' away to their hearts content. Many of the Awesome 1's brought their scooters, bikes and heelie shoes.

Bike fun on the soccer field track
The scooter track
There were also special vehicles on display throughout the day for the students to view, sit and ride on. These included a New Zealand Army troop transport truck, a 1944 tractor, a classic stockcar, a motorcross and track bike and finally a Kenworth transport rig. Wow, what great vehicles for the Carlton and Awesome 1's students to explore!

Enjoying the tractor

Awesome 1's lining up for the classic stockcar

Cindy and Ryan on the Kenworth truck

Tyrone the speed racer

Caleb dirt biking it!

Mikayla giving the bike a go

Natalie wasn't sure

Chloe revving it up

Caleb WA very at home on the dirt bike

Katrina looking the part

The Awesome 1's lining for a seat in the army truck

Getting into the army truck
What a great day and everyone had so much fun playing, looking and learning. We can't wait for the next spirit day and the possible return of 'Wheels Day 2.'


  1. I look awesome on the bike :D

  2. That looks like lots of fun- seems like I did miss a great day there! Bring it on!