Thursday, 20 June 2013

Fun reading about fungi!

The 'Vikings' reading group have been learning all about fungi over the past two weeks. Their journal story was about a particular type of fungi found on tree stumps, trunks and rotting trees. They are called bracket fungi because brackets support shelves and the fungi look like shelves sticking straight out from a tree trunk.

Byron found some bracket fungi growing at his house and some more growing on the trees at school. This was great as the students were able to examine the fungi up close and compare it to the images and diagrams in their journal story. The students also completed research booklets about bracket fungi on Google Docs. Having the real thing really helped support the Vikings understanding about this type of fungi.

What a great learning experience for the Vikings reading group!

Some of the Vikings reading group examining the fungi
Bracket fungi up close
Comparing with the journal information

Happy with their discovery

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