Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sport was the winner this week...

Carlton School were very busy with sporting commitments occurring left, right and centre, and of course the Awesome ones representation was plentiful. On top of the Saturday netball, the Carlton Diamonds had a match against Rutherford Junior High on Thursday. Sadly they went down against the older team 24-4 but learned a lot in the process. They are currently leading their primary competition.

Awesome 1 Rebecca clearing out the shooting zone vs Rutherford.
Our school were also involved in the contributing primary schools rugby 7's competition on Tuesday. 13 schools competed and our boys made the semi-finals only to finish fourth. Still, a great effort.

Our great rugby 7's team.

On Wednesday afternoon our rippa rugby team competed against Kai Iwi Primary School beating Kai Iwi B 13-8 and drawing with Kai Iwi A 10-10. The team played really well and have a chance of making the main finals later this month.

Shiloh directing the way in the rippa game vs Kai Iwi A.

All three of our hockey teams won this week with the Carlton Rangers beating Waverley Primary School 5-0, Carlton Stars won 3-2 and the Carlton Flames won 4-0.

Carlton Stars vs Kaitoke School.

Our two senior basketball teams won while our pee-wees went down for their first loss of the season.

We also have students playing for clubs on the weekend in rugby and soccer.

The Awesome ones that are involved in sport this week....

Hockey - Sophia, Riley, Ryan, Chloe, Nikita
Netball - Ashan, Rebecca, Ariana, Nadine, Katrina, Mikayla
Basketball - Byron, Tyrone, Ashan
Rippa Rugby - Nadine, Shiloh, Ariana, Wiremu
Rugby 7's - Ryan, Wiremu, Caleb
Soccer - Corey, Dylan, Shiloh, Ilish, Caleb
Rugby 15's - Wiremu, Joshua

19 Awesome ones out of our wonderful 29 students were very busy this week. Well done Awesome 1's and keep competing in sport as it is character building and you promote the school  and yourselves well.