Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dance Showcase : What a night!

Carlton School hit the big time last night performing to 350+ parents plus their own 280 peers. The hall was full and people were watching through the big hall windows outside and the back entrance doorway. Each class performed incredibly well and too a professional and high standard.

Of course someone has to go first or be the opening act so to speak. Who was it to be? Well, the Awesome 1's drew that straw and accepted the challenge (they had no choice really!). Room 1 arrived at 6-10pm and started preparing themselves with make-up and costumes. They looked around and nervously gulped as the hall filled to capacity with an excited and eager audience.

Suddenly there was a hush as Mr Waite (MC) welcomed parents and friends to the Dance Showcase. Then the moment arrived, the Awesome 1's were introduced and a nervous group of dance students walked up on to the dance floor and took their positions ready to strut their World War 2 musical and dance time memories. The audience went quiet when suddenly Awesome 1 Corey booms out "Hit it Daddy-O!"

The rest is history as the Awesome 1's stepped, twirled, swung and marched their way through their set. They had opened the night and had set the standard to what would be a magnificent night.

Well done Room 1 on a great performance and a lot of hard work put in over the past three weeks for this event. You were outstanding!

Dressed up and waiting

Shiloh and Rose posing

Ari, Horsey, Harry and Astrid looking somewhat nervous.

Oh no! 1 minute to performance.

Video performance - Opening act!

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  1. Some energetic and inspired dance moves there by a talented bunch- you look as if you all had fun too! I certainly enjoyed watching it- more, more!