Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A giraffe on the loose at Carlton...

A giraffe on the loose at Carlton? What craziness is this you ask? Well intrepid blog readers it just happens to be true, but just not the wild, found in the African plains type. This giraffe is fluffy, educated and visits schools and teaches students about life. Oh, and his name is Harold.

The Awesome 1's were very lucky enough to visit Harold in the mobile classroom and learn about the qualities of friendship, bullying and the harmful effects from smoking. They were involved in class discussion, games and group activities. These topics are part of their Term 3 Inquiry unit.

The Awesome 1's were already well versed in the topics covered and provided some incredibly intelligent comments and replies. They watched video clips about the 'Do and Don'ts' of  friendship and then sung along with Harold about what they had covered.

The unit was fantastic and has only made Room 1 better people from the learning experience. Thank you Harold and Chris the presenter for a wonderful time.


  1. Harold was awesome Room 1

  2. Sounds good Room1 hope you had a great time.

    From Shivani

  3. It was so fun with Harold but the netball girls in room 2 missed out on our last visit because of the netball tournament.