Sunday, 4 August 2013

Monochromatic magic....

Sketching and painting in black, white and grey has been the art focus for the Awesome 1's. They studied the artwork of Darcy Nicholas then looked at how Tammy Morin approached the artist's work. We really liked the limited range of colours and how they had to, and could be blended.

The students of Room one studied black and white images of themselves and took note of the varying shades of grey, white and black. After a brief sketch, they set about mixing and blending the three colours. Once completed and dry, the students cut the painting out and glued it to a black A3 sheet. Finally, they were asked to identify values that represent themselves and write them in white pastel.

The final results are simply amazing and really promotes the great artistic skills the Awesome 1's do possess. Well done and what a fun time we all had.


  1. That was fun doing art :)

  2. Well done room one it looks realistic and arty, keep it up! :)