Sunday, 15 September 2013

Awesome 1's perform well at the school cross country

The sky darkened and the winds picked up as the participants for the 2013 Carlton School Cross Country gathered behind their house flags. Anticipation and nervousness (with a touch of confidence) were the thoughts and feelings of the day.

This was the first time the cross-country had been held at the school and the three age-related courses provided challenges for all involved. The 5 and 6 year old races started and provided excitement and close racing. The entire school and huge parent gallery enjoyed watching all age races. 

The senior races were fantastic and had close battles for the lead. The 10+ age group race saw Awesome 1's Shiloh winning the girls event while Tyrone took out the boys event. All the Awesome 1's performed well and had a great time (even if we did run a little over 3pm!)


  1. Yes there was some 'running overtime'-too bad the adults and teachers weren't able to have their own cross country eh?!

  2. There were some awesome runners room 1 but I Kauri should have won.