Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hockey and Badminton with the Awesome 1's

The Awesome 1's have arrived back at Carlton School for Term 4 to a sport training feasT - badminton. hockey and athletics plus their own respective summer code practices (teeball, softball, volleyball, netball, hockey and cricket). Wow, you guys are really busy!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Spring Flood...

The Awesome 1's have been watching via the TV, newspaper ( or have gone down to personally view the flood that has hit our city.

The Wanganui River has risen to 9 metres and swallowed many of the streets that run parallel to it. Mr Sager's street is closed off as the river now meets the end of it. The flooding has been caused by a very bad storm that passed over New Zealand and provided heavy rain for a good 18 hours.

Our main playground and park (Kowhai Park) is now under water. The army and Civil Defence had to evacuate people from their homes in Wanganui East and were also up all night sandbagging the banks of the river - Exciting, yet scary times in our city.

Here are some images and news clip of our wee disaster.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 4 - Global Issues

The Awesome 1's are back from their very relaxing holidays. We have looked at the blogging challenge for Week 4 and discussed issues that confront the world and New Zealand. This is our brief visual presentation of what we think the key global issues are in the world. We used Photo Peach to present our thinking. Enjoy!