Saturday, 23 November 2013

Globetrotting with the Awesome 1's....(

One this weeks (week 9) task for the Student Blogging Challenge was to identify places one would like to visit. The Awesome 1's went about brainstorming their idas and gave reasons why. Room 1 is beginning to understand just how big and great our world is and how isolated we as a country are - I mean to say, New Zealand is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean just above Antarctica (or near the bottom of the world).

Enjoy our Photopeach presentation as we globe trot around the world.


The Awesome 1's places and why...

Brazil - Wiremu and Caleb WA (See the statue of Jesus and enjoy carnival)
Antarctica - Natalie (See the wildlife and ice)
Hawaii - Ashan and Chloe (enjoy the warm weather and beaches)
Florida USA - Caleb E (See the waterparks and Nasa)
New York USA - Ilish, Sarah and Katrina (Visit the sights plus the Statue of Liberty)
Route 66 USA - Mr Sager and Dylan (Cruise the great route and enjoy the odd sights)
Edinburgh (Scotland) - Rebecca and Ryan (Visit the castles and family)
London, England - Sophia, Shiloh and Cindy (Visit Big Ben, the Tower and of course, meet 1D)
Leicester, England - Nadine (Visit family and her mum's birthplace)
Paris, France - Rose and Mikayla (View the great art and sample the cuisine)
Spain - Shadae and Josh L (Enjoy the language and art)
Berlin, Germany - Riley (Study it's history)
Egypt - Tyrone (See the great pyramids)
North Pole - Tobias (Visit Santa)
China - Richard (Walk the Great Wall of China)
Hong Kong - Ariana (Go shopping!)
Tokyo, Japan - Josh O and Corey (Enjoy the sights, food and culture)

Wanganui - We all love home!

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  1. Some Good choices there Room 1- I wanted to go to Kathmandu when I was 10 because I liked the sound of it- Near to some of the tallest mountains in the world- I worked hard through school and saved my money so I could go there- The Galapagos Islands was also a travel highlight...Antarctica- Think I would have to save very hard for that, although if one is into geology or physics then it is possible to study there!