Monday, 4 November 2013

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 7 -Connections

The Awesome 1's have sat down and given Week 7's challenge a lot of thought. How are we connected? How is our teacher connected? Are we connected Mafia style? NOOOO - not really!  Well, we don't think so. We have come to the conclusion that technology plays a big part in how we are and came to being connected. The Awesome 1's have decided to create a PhotoPeach presentation showing 'Connections' over time. Please enjoy as we feel pictures say a lot!

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  1. Its funny how this is supposed to be the age of communication, and yet people dont seem to talk directly to each other much anymore- Rose can vouch for the fact that sometimes I need to get 'offline' and more on-line with her and her siblings- What will be the catchphrase of the milliteenies...writing and talking are still valid ways of getting our message across!